Monday, September 14, 2009

7 Things You Should Know About....

Please add your educational examples or links by posting a comment under this section.  You many utilize this blog site during your individual presentation as a reference source.


  1. 7 Things You Should Know About...Blogs

    Links to sites to create an educational blog:
    (This site allows you to do a lot more than but in order to get privacy status for your students (as authors and readers on the site) you will need to upgrade for a fee.
    (A very basic layout provided by the google function- free to use and maintain but requires a gmail account)

  2. 7 Things You Should Know About....Digital Storytelling

    Links to sites that provide student examples of digital storytelling:

  3. 7 Things You Should Know About....Social Bookmarking

    Links to sites that save bookmarks to a public Web site and "tag" them with keywords. You can usually search for resources by keyword, person, or popularity. Here are the two most popular sites (currently):

  4. 7 Things You Should Know About......Social Virtual Worlds

    Here is the link to the blog site & host/creator of the Meta-verse video for Social Virtual Worlds where you will find the video, commentary & links to current social virtual worlds:

  5. 7 Things You Should Know About.....Citizen Journalism

    Here is a link to a wide variety of sites that promote citizen journalism participation:

    Common sites for citizen journalism include: (CNN) (Yahoo!)

  6. 7 Things You Should Know About...Google Jockeying

    Here is a link to a website that has great search tutorials and recommendations for search engines:
    Search engine types and tips:

    This is a categorical list of useful search engines based on topic that could tbe useful in narrowing down and refining results:

  7. 7 Things You Should Know About.....Zotero

    Here is a link to Zotero's online tutorial of how the feature works as a Firefox extension:

    Great Q&A with IMLS on how libraries and museums are using the tool of Zotero, titled "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Bibliographies? Zotero!":

  8. 7 Things You Should Know About....Facebook

    Here is the Educause link to the first "7 Things You Should Know About....Facebook" article about facebook:

    Here is the 2nd Educause article called, "7 Things You Should Know About....Facebook II".

    Below is a link to the facebook site:

    Some interesting articles about Facebook by the New York Times:

  9. 7 things you should know about...Ning

    Kindergarten teachers social networking (with links to other grade levels)

    Classroom 2.0

    Chula Vista Elementary School District social networking

  10. 7 Things You Should Know about... Flickr

    Hi All,

    Here is a link to a YouTube Video on step by step instructions on how to use FLICKR


    I also loved this site I found called Tech & Learning. I found a very insightful article about Flickr in the classroom.


    I also really liked a public group I found on Flickr that is entitled Vist the World. The pictures in this group are amazing.


  11. 7 Things you should know about... VoiceThread

    This website shows examples of student projects

    This website has many examples of ways to use voice thread--it also has a voice thread explaining what voice thread is!

  12. 7 Things You Should Know About...Google Apps

    Video on Google Apps

    This website shows Google Apps available for personal use and for businesses and schools.

    Video showing an example of using Google Docs

    Example of Google Apps using my account

  13. 7 things you should know about . . . Creative Commons
    Another "world rocker"!

    1. Creative Commons web site

    2. MIT Open Courseware - provides free access to MIT courses

    3. Connexions at Rice University - more access to courses and information

    4. Link to "Nine Inch Nails" free music download on Creative Commons

  14. 7 Things You Should Know About...RSS

    1. A great YouTube Video that explains what RSS is and how to use it..

    2. A tour through google reader- a popular site to read RSS feeds

  15. 7 Things You Should Know About ... Second Life

    1. This is the website where you can download Second Life for free:

    2. This is a great website that shows how you can use Second Life in your classroom and how to connect with other educators:

    3. This is a video that shows how to set up your Second Life account and how to use Second Life:

  16. There is a good introduction for the Microblogging:

    This is the great example of Microblogging:

    This is the link that provide the help to setup an account in twitter:

  17. 7 Things You Should Know About………Skype

    1)By using Skype Community, people create their own community to learn a new language or skills.

    2)This is the link how people organize the event and share their project through Skype blogs.

    3)Here are the stories how people use the Skype.

  18. 7 Things You Should Know About...Data Visualization I and II

    Educase Information for Data Visualization I

    Educase Information for Data Visualization II

    Hans Rosling Ted Talk

    YouTube Video on the Stock Ticker Orbital Comparison

    Sixth Sense TED Talk

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  20. Example of a tag cloud data visualization on the right column of USD's Sally search engine (tags that appear more often are in lager font):

    50 Great Examples of Data Visualization from Webdesigners Depot:

  21. 7 Things You Should Know About...QR Codes

    1. Some general information and links to videos showing you demonstrations:

    2. A video from the UK about their emerging use there:

    3. Generate your own!

    4. More videos + suggestions for education:

  22. 7 things you should know about... Podcasting

    These are examples of podcasting for teachers and students.