Sunday, August 16, 2009

Introduction Post- Welcome to Our Community

In your introduction post please include your name, teaching experience and choose ONE of the three questions to respond to in your own blog response:

(1) What is the most interesting trip that you have taken thus far?  Why?

(2) We interviewed the person in your life who knows you the best. What do you believe they listed as your top three attributes as a human being?  What evidence did they provide?

(3) What is a tradition from your own childhood that you believe should be passed on to the next generation?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Working Definition of Multiple Literacies

The term "multiple literacies" refers to the many kinds of texts and literacy practices that are intertwined with contemporary life.  Some examples of text under the term multiple literacies include: classics and postmodern literature, fiction and non-fiction trade books, newspapers, magazines, web pages, PowerPoint, e-mail, IM, cell phones (text), graphic novels, video games, podcasts, video, film, fanfiction, memes, drama and poetry slams.